House MD Season 8 DVD

Hugh Laurie said he may be forced to exit the popular medical drama “House MD Season 8" crew — because long-term play a lame man makes his real injuries.

The she also played British drama “Blackadder” star has been in the past five years, the cantankerous on crutches doctor Moorhouse, that in reality has a limp.

Hugh Laurie, 50, said: “the House MD Season 8 DVD Box set will probably continue to Season seven, the eighth Season even it’s 9th and final Season, but I don’t know if I will stay in the studio. My knee has been damaged. Play House, walk way requires a lot of hip activities. Some parts of my body is out of the question, I need to do yoga to recover.”

Hugh Laurie was nominated for an emmy for best actor for three consecutive years, there are 66 countries around the world play “House MD Season 8 DVD”.

Because of a gunshot wound, a drama House MD limping a leg.

In a recent interview, Hugh Laurie, said leaving his family in the UK alone, living in Los Angeles is not easy for him.

"My children grew up in England, I never thought I would eventually settle in Los Angeles, but the thing since it has been so, so we are trying to have a good life."

He said he and his wife Jo are considered to leave the UK for their two sons, a daughter, that will be very difficult.